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About us

Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.


In order to provide the highest quality services in the construction industry our mission is to work with integrity, respect, quality, safety, innovation, and sustainability. We are  committed to accomplishing every project in a manner that represents the pride and passion, giving to the clientes the best experience, collaborating with the partners and  communities. 


  • We proudly do our great work taking the opportunities to grow the business and give it back to the community. 


  • We earn repeat business through our commitment to customer satisfaction.


  • We also value and create an environment to expand the experiences and share ideas to always improve.

Our Story

Welcome to the remarkable journey of Alfa Carpentry, where excellence in construction merges with a rich legacy of integrity and innovation. For 18 years, we've led both commercial and residential construction services in Massachusetts, leaving an indelible mark of success and modernity.

Our story is woven with more than 800 completed projects, inspiring trust and satisfaction among our customers and partners. At Alfa Carpentry, diversity isn't just celebrated; it's embraced, enriching every aspect of our business, and fostering positive relationships in a competitive market.

Reflecting on our journey, we recognize the families who've built our history alongside us, propelling our determination to deliver amazing results with every project. Challenges are opportunities at Alfa Carpentry, where we embrace complexity to craft the best solutions, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction.

Driven by determination, we guarantee the best experience for our customers through pioneering initiatives, modernity, and fair pricing. Alfa Carpentry is a family business, where dignity, honesty, and transparency reign supreme. We take immense pride in our heritage of success, marked by those who understand the true essence of hard work and integrity. With every project, we deliver high-quality construction and finishes that not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring unparalleled possibilities.

Guided by core values, we're committed to making a social impact, leaving behind a legacy of positive change. Thank you for being part of our story as we shape the future of construction with excellence, integrity, innovation, and impressive results.

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